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Import data

from multiple sources

  • Text Files
  • Excel Files
  • Relational Database Tables
  • REST Web Services

Optimal target data


  • Data types
  • Field lengths

SQL Server Analysis Services

  • Multidimensional Cube
  • Tabular Data Model
  • PowerPivot

Visualize data

  • Power BI Dashboards
  • Power BI Mobile reports
  • Excel Pivot tools
  • Publish to Sharepoint

Why Use the Application?

What the Hermes² application can do for you ….

The application is easy to use and contains intelligence offering remarkable functionality, at an extremely low price.

Hermes² empowers a user to increase the value of existing data.

In essence, Hermes² simplifies the process to import text and Excel files to a Microsoft SQL database.

The import process is quick, while many additional actions are performed in the background. The resulting table on the database is created with optimal SQL data type and length. This fact has many benefits such as space saving on the database, the table processing with other tables, predicting the business intelligence capabilities of the data and more benefits. An audit table to reflect on the accuracy of the resulting imported data can be requested.

Hermes² has the functionality to handle date, time and currency file values in any language. Languages as defined in the ISO 4217 standard.

Information resources can also choose to use Hermes² as a design tool when they have to process files.

A user with advanced skills, or in contact with resources with database skills can learn of the availability of SQL Server Analysis Services. If available, the user can expand on the import process. The creation of a tabular data model or multidimensional data model from the import file contents can be requested. A table with time dimension characteristics will automatically be created enabling the user to query the data per year, semester, quarter, month, week, day etc. Now the data can be analysed with Power Pivot tools in Excel in a slice and dice manor. When a multidimensional data model is requested more functionality is possible with tools such as SQL Server Data Tools.

The data model can be visualized with tools such as Pivot Tools in Excel, Power BI, or even exported to SharePoint.

To expand on the Hermes² functionality, it is possible to point to any table on a relational database and perform any of the above actions.

Data via the Team Desk and Future Force web services can also be extracted to a local database and serve as source data.

Considering the cost of required software, employment of an IT resource, training the resource to use the software, the development cycle and lastly the dependency to get a file imported to a database, Hermes² is an excellent investment.

An easy starting point is to register on the web site by supplying your name, surname and email, obtain a serial number, installing the minimal prerequisites as specified on the web page, downloading the software and install it.

A comprehensive user manual can be downloaded from the web page.

Enjoy Hermes² for a free 15-Day trial period before making an easy purchase decision.



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